Breast Care

Galactography Infusion Unit

Breast Marking System

Breast LOC Wires

Desinged to provide ease of insertion

20g Thin wall needle with The Orentation system is designed for
with minimal patient discomfort n .010 marking wire three-dimensional orientation of biologic speicmen
and unique stiffening cannula for review by the pathologist.

Breast Bracketing System

Stiffening Cannulas

Breast Localization Needle &

Reduce incidence of positive margins For use with the Bracketing
contains 2 ea of the wires
and stiffening cannula

TUMARK® Professional Tissue Marker

Tumors can be marked in a gentle way and with minimum invasion before cytostatic or radiation treatment begins.

Following successful chemo or radiation therapy, the tissue area concerned can be reliably and quickly found again.